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The SAFI Employment Portal serves as a dynamic platform facilitating seamless connections between job seekers and industry-leading employers within the South African furniture industry. Through a user-friendly interface, job seekers can explore a wide range of career opportunities tailored to their skills and aspirations, while also accessing valuable resources to enhance their job search. On the other hand, employers benefit from targeted exposure to a pool of qualified candidates, experienced within the industry, enabling them to efficiently fill their job vacancies with the best-suited talent. With advanced search and filtering options, as well as robust applicant tracking tools, the portal simplifies the recruitment process for both parties.

Job seekers have the option to establish a profile, upload their CV, and maximise their visibility to industry members seeking specific skills or looking to fill vacancies. Additionally, they can browse through the portal’s current opportunities.

SAFI Members have access to the employment portal, where they list any available positions or requirements.

Prior to completing the registration form, kindly ensure that you thoroughly review and meet all the specified requirements.

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