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SAFI Membership

SAFI Membership offers access to all our resources, including the Employment Portal, Tender Listing as well as the Business Directory.


This member type includes all local Furniture Manufacturers.

Membership Application Eligibility

Membership is available to any South African Furniture Manufacturing Business that is registered with a furniture manufacturing Bargaining Council.*

* Confirmation of Registration from a Bargaining Council is required.

FREE Membership


Includes all the vital industry Suppliers and Service Providers.

Membership Application Eligibility

  • Associations
  • Designers
  • Interior Decorators
  • Fixed Asset Suppliers
  • Raw Material Providers
  • Retailers
  • Service Providers
  • Other Stakeholders

… Membership Plans Available …

As a Furniture Manufacturer, membership with SAFI offers numerous practical benefits. By joining SAFI, you become part of a vibrant industry community, with access to networking, representation, and advocacy. Increase your visibility and connect with potential clients through the SAFI Business Directory. Find skilled professionals through the Employment Portal and explore relevant government tenders for business opportunities.

Joining SAFI as an Associate Member offers Associations, Designers, Interior Decorators, Fixed Asset Suppliers, Raw Material Providers, Retailers, Service Providers and other Stakeholders, a range of practical benefits. Membership provides visibility and credibility through inclusion in the SAFI Business Directory. Engage in targeted networking and connect with potential clients, fostering partnerships, while staying updated with industry content and news.

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